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General objectives

  • To motivate senior citizens to travel to other (not domestic) countries, namely to partner countries.
  • To support and to facilitate the prolongation of touristic flow especially during the low touristic seasonality in all partner countries.
  • To encourage transnational cooperation among the widest possible number of actors along the tourism value chain (tour organization, accommodation, catering, entertainment and transport) in all partner countries.
  • To facilitate public-private partnerships in all partner countries.
  • To foster the ideals of social responsibility and solidarity among project’s seniors and other project’s actors and stakeholders through mobility, voluntary service activities and social involvement and to strengthen the notion of European citizenship.

Specific objectives

  • To create, pilot and assess a new tourism package for seniors (especially in the ranges between 55–70 years old) based on a ‘give-and-take’ approach, the cocalled in project’s terminology “SORT model”.
  • To identify, compare and study best social, cultural and tourism practices among partners’ institutions and to adapt or tailor them to project and project’s target groups needs.
  • To extent business relations among project’s partners by creating a network that will sustain, replicate and multiply the SORT pattern beyond the project’s cofinancing period.
  • To socialize senior people to take part in the community, to capitalize their knowledge, experience and competency potential in favor of the community and to cultivate their self-realization.
  • To increase Southeast European partner countries visibility (and in extension visibility of Europe as a whole) as a tourist destination as well as of its diverse  destinations.

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SORT – Seniors On Reciprocal Tourism
EU co-financing period is from March 2016 – August 2017
Call: SORT-COS-TOUR-2015-3-04/COS-TOUR-2015-3-04-1
Grant Agreement Number: 699414